Kora National Park

Kora is Meru’s sister Park, a pristine area off the beaten path, and the changes are palpable in terms of soil, vegetation, colours and temperature, hot and dry.


Also known as "The last Wilderness" has dense acacia woodlands and presents in the central areas an undulating plain dotted with Inselbergs (isolated hills and solitary mountains that rise above the surrounding area). It's graced by the Tana River on which the Adamson’s Falls, Grand Falls and Kora Rapids are found.

 Kora National Park is home to Adamson's Camp "Kampi ya Simba", where the famous English naturalist George Adamson called by the locals Baba ya Simba which in Swahili means "The father of lions", has dedicated himself to rehabilitation for the reintroduction of orphaned or captive big cats into the wild. Here he lived until he was killed by some poachers, and here he was buried a few meters from the camp.
A few months after Adamson's death, the Kora reserve was named a National Park in hopes of preserving and continuing George Adamson's conservation work.

The camp is well kept, and can accommodate a small group of adventurers whose dream is to sleep surrounded by Lions and Hyenas!